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Archive 46

Discovering Montague Projects

Discovering Montague Projects art, design and illustration

Carto pricing page with Tailwind CSS

Partial reproduction of Carto pricing page using Tailwind CSS

Github pricing page with Tailwind CSS

Replicating the Github pricing page with Tailwind CSS

Colocate images with your post using Eleventy

How to colocate your images alongside your post in Eleventy.

Swissted replications using HTML and CSS

Replicating some designs from with html and css

Git Amend

How to amend a commit with git

Git Reset

How to reset with git

Default video controls in Firefox

How to inspect the default video controls in Firefox - see the markup and styles that make up the player controls.

Commit Guidelines

Some recommendations for a more rigid approach to commit messages

git - checkout remote branch

How to checkout a remote branch with git

Tailwind default colour palette as CSS custom properties v2

A Tailwind colour palette as CSS custom properties


HTMLMediaElement.readyState property as defined by MDN

Show or Hide Desktop on OSX

Show or hide the icons on OSX desktop from the command line using an alias

Sapper Tailwind

A Sapper Tailwind boilerplate

Sapper Router Demo

A simple Sapper router demo including examples of nested routes

DNS probe finished nxdomain error

DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error on a .dev domain

Discovering the identity function

A more declarative way to filter undefined values from an array in JavaScript using the identity function

Aurelia Router Demo on CodeSandbox

An Aurelia Router demo on CodeSandbox with nested routes

Tailwind default colour palette as CSS custom properties

Flex grid with Tailwind CSS

Icon list with Tailwind CSS

Lazy load images with Intersection Observer API and Vue.js

git - tags

git - create new branch

JavaScript Array Constructor Called as a Function

Sequential array of numbers in JavaScript

Imperative vs Declarative

Flexbox and text truncation

git - checkout previous branch

WebStorm Shortcuts


React Context

React Stateless Components

Aurelia Multi-Step View Demo

Aurelia Router Demo

Aurelia - Rating Dialog

Stumped by a Stub

ZSH - Advanced History

JavaScript Closures

Aurelia - Data Driven Dynamic Views

Chrome DevTools Copy Object

Polymer On Screen Keyboard Component

Polymer Triple Tap Component


Chrome Disable Web Security

Ionic Custom Bar Heights