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TV Framework

My latest side project destined to never be complete is a TV framework. I have worked in the VOD industry for some years now as a software engineer working with various in-house frameworks. I dared myself to get at least a skeleton application up and running and to see how far I could take things. If nothing else I will get even more appreciation for how hard these frameworks are to build and use on challenging devices. Hopefully I will have a demo app available soon.

TV Framework screenshot

Recent posts

Expose Sveltekit build to your network

When running a Sveltekit application locally it is not exposed to your network by default. If you want to test your application on other devices on your network then you need to tell Sveltekit to expose the application with the --host flag.

Download old version of chrome

For those of us who are not able to work with the latest version of Chrome all the time, it is sometimes necessary to test in an older version. Where do we get that from?

DOM element id as global property

An element with an id is automatically added as a global property to the window object. This is an outdated practice but still exists in some old scripts.

CSS Artwork

I found these amazing designs so started doing a few reproductions in html and css. I particularly like the 1970’s car series.