Scott Whittaker

Software engineer

Day job React | side projects Svelte

CSS Border Radius Generator

Just another CSS border radius generator

I was starting this CSS reproduction of a car and needed a shape for something which gave me a nice excuse to use Svelte to make a little utility, and to learn more about Svelte of course.

Recent posts

Download old version of chrome

For those of us who are not able to work with the latest version of Chrome all the time, it is sometimes necessary to test in an older version. Where do we get that from?

DOM element id as global property

An element with an id is automatically added as a global property to the window object. This is an outdated practice but still exists in some old scripts.

React displays 0 when using logical AND (&&)

When using logical AND, React can display 0 in the UI in certain circumstances and this might not be what you expect. It is however the correct behaviour and I was not aware why.

CSS Artwork

I found these amazing designs so started doing a few reproductions in html and css. I particularly like the 1970’s car series.