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DOM element id as global property

An element with an id is automatically added as a global property to the window object. This is an outdated practice but still exists in some old scripts.

React displays 0 when using logical AND (&&)

When using logical AND, React can display 0 in the UI in certain circumstances and this might not be what you expect. It is however the correct behaviour and I was not aware why.

CSS Border Radius Generator

Just another CSS border radius generator. A nice excuse to write a little utility in Svelte.

Git Amend

How to amend a commit with git

Git Reset

How to reset with git

Default video controls in Firefox

How to inspect the default video controls in Firefox - see the markup and styles that make up the player controls.

Commit Guidelines

Some recommendations for a more rigid approach to commit messages

Sapper Router Demo

A simple Sapper router demo including examples of nested routes