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I can never recall the readyState property of the HTMLMediaElement when I need it so here it is as defined by MDN, hopefully it will remain in the brain a little longer now that I have copied it here.

The HTMLMediaElement.readyState property indicates the readiness state of the media. MDN HTMLMediaElement.readyState

Constant Value Description
HAVE_NOTHING 0 No information is available about the media resource.
HAVE_METADATA 1 Enough of the media resource has been retrieved that the metadata attributes are initialized. Seeking will no longer raise an exception.
HAVE_CURRENT_DATA 2 Data is available for the current playback position, but not enough to actually play more than one frame.
HAVE_FUTURE_DATA 3 Data for the current playback position as well as for at least a little bit of time into the future is available (in other words, at least two frames of video, for example).
HAVE_ENOUGH_DATA 4 Enough data is available—and the download rate is high enough—that the media can be played through to the end without interruption.