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Colocate images with your post using Eleventy

This post assumes you know a little bit about Eleventy, a static site generator, and have it set up for posts. If not you can head over to the docs to find out more. Here we look at how to colocate images with your post.

You may want to opt for this approach as the images you are using will only ever be related to the post you are writing or you just prefer to keep all related files in the same directory.

The alternative is to locate all your images in a top level image directory. A combination of both approaches is likely to be useful.

Empty seats on a New York subway car
An example image: Empty seats on a New York subway car

File Structure

There are a number of ways to set up your posts in Eleventy, the simplest being a markdown file for your post within your posts directory e.g.


Another approach is to create a directory for your post. For example this post is a directory called colocate-images-with-post-using-eleventy and has an file which contains the content of the post.

├── colocate-images-with-post-using-eleventy
│   └──

To colocate images with the post, we can create another directory within the colocate-images-with-post-using-eleventy directory; in this case I have called it img. Add your images into this directory.

├── colocate-images-with-post-using-eleventy
│   ├── img
│   │   ├── subway.jpg
│   │   ├── subway.webp
│   │   ├── umbrellas-and-kites.jpg
│   │   └── umbrellas-and-kites.webp
│   └──

You can then reference your images within with markdown like so…

![Empty seats on a New York subway car](img/subway.jpg)

Or with markup…

	<source srcset="img/subway.webp" type="image/webp" />
	<img alt="Empty seats on a New York subway car" width="600" height="400" src="img/subway.jpg" />

Missing Images

Having set up the colocated files I found that when I generated the site the images were missing. It turns out that Eleventy does not copy file extensions that it does not recognise and in this case it ignored the image files with the jpg extension.

The way to resolve this is to use the --formats flag on the command line when building the site; see command line usage in the docs for further information.


Here is an example of serving the site for development using the formats flag. We specify md and jpg in a comma separated list of file formats that should be copied during the build process.

npx @11ty/eleventy --serve --formats=md,jpg
Beach umbrellas and kites flying
An example image: Beach umbrellas and kites flying

Note that depending on how you deploy your site you may need to modify your configuration to ensure you add the --formats flag. For example, if you have continuous integration setup then you will need to add the flag to your build step to ensure the images are copied to the post directory.


I found the answer to the missing image files problem in this video where Jason Lengstorf talks to the creator of Eleventy Zach Leatherman.