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DNS probe finished nxdomain error

I encountered a very frustrating issue for the first time ever when trying to load No matter which browser I used the site would not load and chrome reported a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error. I tried all sorts of recommended fixes such as changing DNS servers in network settings and flushing the DNS cache but none of them worked (on a mac).

Eventually I stumbled across this post which at first did not appear relevant as it was related to puma-dev which I am not familiar with. However, I noticed the following…

# Remove local overwritten resolver for .dev
rm /etc/resolver/dev
# Restart and clear the Mac OS X DNS resolver
sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

Just out of interest I took a look at that file /etc/resolver/dev on my machine and found…

# Lovingly generated by Pow
port 20560

I don’t ever recall doing anything with Pow but hey, it has taken over all .dev domains. I guess if I had tried loading another site with a .dev domain and seen the same issue I may have noticed a pattern - but I didn’t.

I deleted that file and it resolved the issue, I can now get on with life and read about svelte at last.


I subsequently found this post via the svelte FAQs which would have been pretty useful had I stumbled across it first. If only I had known about scutil --dns I could have saved hours.