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Wrap an mdsvex document to dynamically add page titles

When putting this starter template together I wanted to dynamically update the document page title for each post so that the title would be reflected in the browser tab.

I already knew about the special element <svelte:head> which can be used to update any element in the <head> of the document but I did not want to add this to every .md file in the posts directory.


It turns out that mdsvex provides a very nice solution for this in the form of layouts. You can wrap your mdsvex documents in a layout and add any common functionality there. The first step is to add the path to your layout in mdsvex.config.js

const config = {
	// ...
	layout: './src/routes/posts/PostLayout.svelte'

export default config;

Now create the layout file, I chose to co-locate it with the posts at ./src/routes/posts/PostLayout.svelte. The layout receives all frontmatter as props for you to use. In this example we require the title to use in <svelte:head> in order to update the documents title dynamically.

Make sure to include a <slot> so the content can be rendered.

	export let title;



That is all that is required to update the document title when each of our posts are rendered. We can of course add other metadata in the head here also, such as the description etc.