About #

My name is Scott Whittaker. From the North but live in the South. London is my temporary home, it has been for a decade now.

I have circa 15 years in web development and I feel like I know less now than when I began. Started out with Perl building mobile thin client business applications for early smartphones (O2 XDA and Palm Treo for example). There was no frontend/backend split, you just did the lot; server side, client side, database and anything else in between.

My mug shot so you can see who you are hiring

These days I spend my time on the frontend and in recent years my daily toil has been working on VOD platforms primarily for TV's, set top boxes and games consoles. I have been fortunate working in this sector as it presents some really difficult and unique frontend challenges building video applications that run across multiple devices including but not limited to PS4, Xbox, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, YouView, Sony TV... there are more.

In the 15 years from when I started to the hugely complex present day frontend stack, I have learned that keeping it simple is hard but is always the goal.

Site #

Just my corner of the web as they say. It started out as a Jekyll site with all good intentions to write stuff but I rarely did as I discovered that it is much harder creating content than it first appears.

As a result I just put some stuff out there as and when I feel like it. It is primarily for myself in the hope that some things will remain in my head a little longer. It may be snippets of code or some short form tutorial like content.

I once saw someone on twitter link to a post of mine so it helped at least one person out. Other than that it helps me out as it is the place where you are unconstrained by the tooling and requirements of the daily grind and can mess around with things of interest.

And by the way, this site is now built with Eleventy.